Saturday, March 6, 2010

eternal power

we have the power to move the mountains...the only thing is to want to...jesus christ said that...i wonder why any of us has not try to put this advice of him in "practice"


  1. we are no so smart to use the brain at maximum capacity.....maybe in the future when technology will be much more advanced.....but i don't think so... i do not belive in religion, i belive in technology ;)

  2. Maybe we don't have enough self-confidence and desire to put in practice our dreams! Tell me anonymous, we, human people, made a huge progress in the last decades, but, how far can we go with technology, in future and also in the past? Can you suppose how it will be humanity future, or can you say what it was before big bang? No, we will never be able to say what it was and what it will be only by considering technology like our basic concept, but you can find an answer in "The book of the books"! I don't want to say that my opinion is better than yours, this is just my opinion, think about that. Have a nice day :)

  3. to anonymous...i think u r too negative...self confidence has nothing to do with religion...the progress we made is because some of us used the self confidence