Wednesday, March 10, 2010

galactic alignment

the darkness has a strange effect uppon us...i think we never saw the light...we must find our purpose...the human eyes will see the many of us will see the light?


  1. Hard question, indeed...

  2. "If we needed to be punished when she sinned with our thoughts I wonder who wouldn't deserve the death penalti" this is a quote I like thow I love to thinck that it will always be a balance between good and evil ; dark and light... so I would like to thinck that there will be as many people that will see the light as many that will see the darkness

  3. to anonymous

    question is answered...u know i never think of that...u r many we see the darkness we will see the the light

  4. well i think you're wrong ..we did so the LIGHT cuz if we didnt than we woud not know its there somewhere thats way were trying to get it...
    How many? nobody knows but if you work hard and do youre best you might have a chance to rach youre goal

  5. how come we change so every life there is a small catch...